Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Marriageable Woman, Circa 1950

Sally Edelstein, the writer of the blog "Envisioning the American Dream" recently posted a quiz from the May 1953 edition of "The Girlfriend and the Boyfriend" magazine. The quiz "What Are You Best Fitted For, Love or a Career?" offered young women some insight into what their future might hold for them. Answering all or most of the 11 questions 'yes' indicated that the young woman may best be suited for a career. A similar number of 'no' answers indicated that love lie in her future.

Ladies, take the test for yourself and eliminate some of the guesswork out of those big life decisions.


To see Sally Edelstein's original post on the quiz, click here.

To see more images from the magazine, including a companion quiz on judging your boyfriend as a lover, and advice on spotting girls who flirt, visit the KultureKat Pinterest board:

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